ClearPath Connections: From the President’s Desk

Jeff Tschurwald Leadership

Welcome to ClearPath Connections’ blog and website, updated for 2017. It is part of our communications plan that will focus on our message of senior living, multi-platform integration and best-practice technologies. Huh? Simply said, we want to make your day easier. And in case we haven’t met, I’m all about simple and straightforward communication.

Speaking of communication, we treated the entire ClearPath team to a personalized, day-long seminar on professional communication skills. And what is the cornerstone of communication? Correct…listening. Our day was filled with self-assessments, diversity training and hands-on activities. My hope is that our entire team, from sales to service, is practicing daily to implement their personalized action lists in both their professional and personal lives.

My takeaway? In a world of rapidly changing technology, the classics still reign true! Remember “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”? Check out some of these oldies but goodies that framed our day:

“ Seek first to understand…then be understood” – Stephen Covey
“Do unto others as THEY would like done unto THEM” – Dr. Tony Alessandra
Interesting factoids:
We only remember 25% of a conversation on average. Carry a notepad!tschurwald_jeff_thumb
What do people respond to in communication? 7% words, 38% Voice/tone/volume, and 55% Body Language!

We hope to invite Jan, our facilitator and teacher, back to ClearPath Connections in the near future. Email me for Jan’s contact info if you’re interested in setting up your own seminar. Taking our team out of the field for an entire day is worth the investment if it helps us implement new (and classic!) interpersonal skills.

That’s it for my first blog entry. Visit often, or better yet, sign up for our quarterly newsletter. And be sure to share your thoughts on how we can make your day…and year better.

-Jeff Tschurwald, President and Founder, ClearPath Connections