News for NEC SV8100 Owners – Why Its a Great Time to Migrate to the New Univerge SV9100

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We have some exciting news.  NEC has created a simple upgrade promotion to migrate your old SV8100 system to the current SV9100 platform for a very small investment!


You want to protect your investment in NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100
communiations system, but you also want to take advanatage of the
latest software and applications to give you a competitive advantage.
By migrating to the UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Server, you
get enhanced features and increased capacity without a forklift of
your existing SV8100 system and IP/digital telephones — which means
you save time and money. Even your current phones’ capabilities are
upgraded. This simple solution effectively extends your current system’s
life and ensures that your initial investment in NEC pays off for years
to come.
When you migrate to the SV9100, you gain access to a wealth of unified
communications functionality. The SV9100 allows you to take full
advantage of IP capability and expands your system’s capacity to more
than 1296 station ports. You can add many of our latest telephones
to your system including NEC’s new UT880 desktop telephone which
integrates a traditional telephone and a tablet into one device to provide
you with an innovative, feature-packed appliance that revolutionizes
the user experience.
• More features and functionality
• Upgrading is a simple process
• Investment protection
• Simplified user licensing
• Warranty continuation
• Enhanced Unified Communications (UC)
• Lock in future support and upgrades

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