Our areas of expertise:

  • Connector.

    Hard wired nurse call

    basic visual and audio notification

  • Connector.

    Wireless nurse call

    more homelike environment + enhanced mobility for residents: enhanced efficiency and communications for staff

  • Connector.

    Situational Awareness

    integrations to disparate systems with real-time alerts + mass notification

  • Connector.

    In-room mutlimedia and self-sevice portals

    empower residents to stay active and engaged with a window to the world

  • Connector.

    Wander management controls

    freedom to move + safety for residents

  • Connector.

    Mobile Health monitoring

    wide area mobile health monitoring

  • Connector.

    Mobile duress alerting

    wide-area fall detection, push-button help and two-way talk anywhere you travel

About Our Process

The ClearPath Conversation (relationship?)

  • 01

    ELEVATE from an integrator/installer relationship to one based on CONSULTATION and RISK MANAGEMENT.

  • 02

    When the architects come to the table, so should ClearPath. Tap our years of experience and knowledge of upcoming tech as you design your facility.

  • 03

    Start here: What can WE do for YOU?

  • 04

    It takes a team! With your permission, we’ll listen to every stakeholder early in the process. Nursing, IT, maintenance, sales.


  • 01

    We’re not just here to sell you something. We’re here to take care of you.

  • 02

    We aim to help keep you trained on the technologies you’ve invested in.

  • 03

    ClearPath has a dedicated service team to take care of clients. When you have a service need, CALL US!

  • 04

    Service isn’t just a quick fix…its assisting you in protecting, understanding and utilizing your investment to its fullest potential.

“Clearpath does what they say they will do and stands by it , yet keeps our best interest in mind. They are professional, quick to respond, attentive, and have a great product. Yes indeed… I’d recommend them to other companies.”CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER JULIE HEIL, MILESTONE SENIOR LIVING

ClearPath carefully selects the products it carries…
and works with clients to get the most out of them



We get the feeling that you want to speak/meet/walkthru with us. Reach out...we don't bite!


We've got designers too...our sales executives will collect the perfect team for your project.


We're always interested in feedback. Let our ownership know what you are thinking!

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