Succesful Acquisition – A View From The Inside

Jim MacGregor Careers, Leadership

Note to reader: although this post is over a year old, we really love it. Jim brings so many skills to the table that he was named ClearPath’s Service Manager in September 2016. This new position is a natural extension of our smart growth and focus on the customer experience.

In July of 2015, ClearPath Connections acquired CremerTech, LLC. In the classic definition, the acquirer gains the acquired. What do you call it when all parties gain?

In this case, it means greatly expanded solutions for our customer base, and opportunities to learn and grow for staff.

CremerTech has been around in slightly different iterations since 1961, and offering NEC telephony products for over 30 years. ClearPath, a COSBE Future 50 company, is a young and growing firm with a large customer base of life safety and security products. With this marriage of people and products, we are able to offer all things in the low voltage arena to our customers and prospects.

Want more good news?  All CremerTech employees were offered and accepted positions with ClearPath, and nine months later we are all here, doing familiar tasks, learning new solutions, and enjoying new relationships. We also experience on a daily basis the warm welcome of our new owners. Customers of both organizations have also benefitted from the expanded product line and technical depth of the combined company.

The future is very bright, as we continue to work together to offer complete solutions to our old friends and new clients. Please join us in celebrating an acquisition that benefits everyone, and let us introduce you to our new capabilities.

by Jim McGregor